Research projects


Czech Science Foundation (21-28946S): Effect of larval cestodes on cancers and malignant cells in mice (2021-2024)

Czech Science Foundation (23-06638S): Schistosoma mansoni egg-secreted proteins: a comparative approach to identify bioactive molecules of a human parasite (2023-2025)

Charles University (GAUK B-BIO 405022): Impact of amyloid β on viability of neuropathogens in the context of the infectious hypothesis of Alzheimer’s disease development (2022-2024)

Institutional Grants (Charles University COOPERATIO BIOLOGY (2022-2026), UNCE/SCI/012 - 204072/2018 (2018-2023), SVV 260563/2020)

Demands on cercariae/Rezervace odběru cerkárií